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We are Brayang Studio, one of the leading game development studios in Vietnam. Work with industry experts who are qualified to take you to a professional level.


- Students are able to work after 1 year
- Looking for legacy manpower, partner to develop many 2D and 3D game projects in our next year.
- Students can program 2D & 3D games running on all mobile iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web browser.
- Students are able to build their own 2D gaming system to earn money with AdMob ads.
- Students have a game project of their own at the end of the course and can be released on the store, bringing income immediately after the course.



- Learn basic programming C #
- Learn Object-Oriented Game Examples
- Learning Design Pattern to suit the game
- Learning to make Unity basics: 2D Platform, ISO Metric, Puzzle ... with Unity 2017


- Learn the AI ​​system for the game
- 3D Game Programming:
+ Basic Render
+ The third 3D shooting game, the first corner, RPG role-playing
- Learning Server Game: Node js, java Server, Server real time (if more classes follow)
- Assemble social networking features into games, rankings, achievements ...
- Mounting the advertising system, Inapp-purchase


- You also learn how to analyze and rework sample projects of Unity and Game companies.
- Assist students in their graduation thesis on GAME
- Learn in SVN or Git work environment

* TIMES: 2 - 4 - 6 at 18h - 20h.


- Have basic programming knowledge, IT students as possible, equipped with Laptop.
- QUANTITY max 8 friends.
- FEE: 2.5 million / month. Pay monthly
- You pay the first month to keep the place.


NOTE: The course content is a long-term course: you learn through the project, not constraining the time of the course of study depending on your academic strength, learn from basic to advanced ...

LINK REGISTERED​:…/1FAIpQLSe7zu0yHpgnFG_Vud…/viewform

CONTACT: 01664667151 (Mr.Khoa)

You can see the portfolio of Brayang Studio through the article posted on the game site of Vietnam:…/rescue-strike-back-game-ban-sung-thuan……/loat-game-mobile-nuoc-ngoai-hap-dan-tren-…

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